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Kim Gemeinhardt, DVM (Pres)
DeanWilliam Dean, DVM (V-Pres) Cochran
Dwight Cochran, DVM (Sec/Treas)
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To Be Announced



BarberJane Barber, DVM bull
Susan Bull, DVM
R. Douglas Meckes, DVM
MrsMorganMrs. Katie Morgan  

The North Carolina Veterinary Medical Board is an Occupational Licensing Board of the State and was established in 1903.The Board is responsible for governing the practice of veterinary medicine. Its primary responsibilities are examination of applicants, issuing and renewing licenses/registrations, formal complaints, practice name approvals and inspections of all veterinary practices throughout the State.

The Board consists of eight (8) members; these members are appointed by the Governor, the Speaker of the House, President Pro Tempore and the Commissioner of Agriculture.

  • The Governor appoints five (5) members to the Board, four (4) North Carolina licensed veterinarians and one (1) member who will not be licensed or registered in the State of North Carolina; each serves a five (5) year term.
  • The President Pro Tempore appoints one (1) North Carolina licensed veterinarian who serves a five (5) year term.
  • The Speaker of the House appoints a North Carolina registered veterinary technician who serves a five (5) year term.
  • The Commissioner of Agriculture appoints a North Carolina licensed veterinarian who is employed by a department or institution of the State and who serves as a Board member until replaced.

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2016 Board Meeetings
February 11
March 24
May 12
July 21
September 8
November 17