Change of Ownership Process


Process for change of ownership
(1.) If purchasing a veterinary practice facility, please send in the "Notification of Sale" form (below) signed by all parties (buyer and seller) and mail/fax to the Board office.
Form Notification of Sale Form

(2.) Pending the receipt of the signed "Notification of Sale" form, the Board office will schedule an inspection and can provide a "Sample Inspection Form" prior to the inspection if requested.
Caution Cancellations: The $125.00 inspection fee will be charged if the inspector arrives at the facility on the "agreed to date" but determines the building it is not ready for the inspection.

(3.) Another inspection will follow one (1) year after the initial change of ownership inspection. Beyond the first year, the facility will return to a 2-year schedule.

Re-naming the Practice

The new practice owner may choose to change the existing practice facility name at the time of purchase; the practice name approval process for a “new facility” will need to be followed. A letter signed by all parties is still required.
Form Practice Name Approval Form    (Please read the NCVMB Facility Naming Rules)

Referral of Service Agreements

Former agreements for referral services are invalid at the time of change in ownership. If you're not offering Hospitalization, Radiology or Emergency services, please fill out and give the following "Agreement for Referral of Services" form to the inspector during your initial inspection.
Form Agreement for Referral of Services Form


New Practice Facility Process

NOTE: Those facilities existing and approved by the Board as of December 31, 1993, may continue to use their approved name or designation until there is a partial or total change of ownership of the facility, at which time the name of the veterinary practice facility shall be changed, as necessary, to comply with G.S. 90-181.1 (d).