Forms and Applications


  1. North American Veterinary Licensing Examination NAVLE application and approval process
  2. NC Veterinary State Exam Application with 2016 test dates
  3. Temporary Permit Application

    This permit allows an individual who has applied for the NC State Exam to obtain a certificate to practice veterinary medicine under the supervision of a NC licensed veterinarian while awaiting their scheduled test date.

    NOTE: The Temporary Permit CANNOT be processed until your exam application and all the required documents for the State Exam have been received.

    A temporary permit is also available to a nonresident veterinarian validly licensed in another state, territory, or district of the United States or a foreign country, provided that such temporary permit shall be issued for a period of no more than 60 days. G.S. 90-187.4

  4. Student Application

    This application allows a fourth (4th) year veterinary student to register in North Carolina. The registered student is able to provide limited services under the direct supervision of a NC licensed veterinarian in order to obtain experience at a veterinary practice facility.


  1. Veterinary Technician National Examination VTNE application and approval process

    How to prepare for the VTNE

    VTNE Videos

  2. NC Veterinary Technician State Exam Application with 2016 testing dates.


  1. Proposed Veterinary Practice Facility Name

    PLEASE READ: NCVMB Facility Naming Rules
  2. Notification of Sale
  3. Agreement for Referral of Services


  1. "Part-I" paperwork for a Professional Corporation (PA, PC, Inc. only)
  2. "Part-I" paperwork for a Professional Limited Liability Company (PLLC only)
  3. "Part-I" paperwork for a Foreign Professional Corporation
  4. "Part-II" paperwork
  5. Amending/Dissolving Articles of Incorporation/Organization
  6. Obtain Articles for Corporations


  1. Change of Address (This may also be accomplished on-line. Your personal "ID" and "Password" required.)