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The Board is a state regulatory and consumer protection agency tasked with ensuring compliance with the North Carolina Veterinary Practice Act and Administrative Rules.

NCGS 90-179 Established the Board in 1903 and states: "In order to promote the public health, safety, and welfare by safeguarding the people of this State against unqualified or incompetent practitioners of veterinary medicine, it is hereby declared that the right to practice veterinary medicine is a privilege conferred by legislative grant to persons possessed of the personal and professional qualifications specified in this Article."


Six of the eight members of the North Carolina Veterinary Medical Board are veterinarians, one is a veterinary technician, and one is a public member who is not licensed or registered. All members are appointed to their positions on the Board by various lawmakers including the Governor, the President Pro-Tem of the Senate, the Speaker of the House, and the Commissioner of Agriculture. These appointees do not receive a salary for the work they do on the Board and most are also working in other jobs. Several are practice owners, some are solo practitioners, two work for state government agencies, and one is a public member with no ties to the veterinary profession.

Board members meet six times per year. Between meetings, they review complaint files, investigate allegations, determine courses of action, and meet to discuss actions to be pursued. During meetings, they review the finances of the Board, receive updates on ongoing investigations, discuss actions to be pursued with the Practice Act, and report the results of their investigations. The meetings begin at 8am and often continue until 5pm with the members taking a working lunch. The meetings are open to the public and the Board members invite each of you to attend to learn more about the operation of this agency.