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National Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners (NBVME)

Information on the North American Veterinary Licensing Examination

Bismark, ND Phone (701) 224-0332

The American Association of Veterinary State Boards (AAVSB)

Kansas City, MO

  1. North Americal Veterinary Licensure Examination (NAVLE) Score Transfer Information Phone: (877) 698-8482 or (816) 931-1504
  2. Information for Graduates from Non-Accredited Veterinary Schools/Colleges - PAVE

American Veterinary Medical Association

  1. List of AVMA Accredited Veterinary Schools/Colleges for Veterinarians
  2. Information for Graduates from Non-Accredited Veterinary Schools/Colleges - ECFVG

North Carolina Veterinary Medical Association

Offers continuing education; Handles legislative matters; Has an ethics and grievance committee available to members only.

Phone: (800) 446-2862 or (919) 851-5850; Website: NCVMA


International Health Certificates

Phone: (919) 855-7700 or (919) 855-7100

Veterinary "Accreditation" Information

NC Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (Veterinary Division)

State-to-State Health Certificates

Phone: (919) 707-3250

  1. Livestock Phone: (919) 707-3250
  2. Animal Welfare Section Phone: (919) 707-3280
  3. Spay & Neuter Program
  4. FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions
  5. Veterinary Feed Directive

NC Department of Revenue

Phone: (877) 252-3052

  1. "Privilege License" Information & Application
  2. Tax Information

  3. Veterinary Technicians

    American Veterinary Medical Association AVMA

    List of AVMA Accredited College/School Programs for Veterinary Technicians

    The American Association of Veterinary State Boards AAVSB

    Veterinary Technician National Examination (VTNE) Score Transfer Information
    Phone: (877) 698-8482
    How to prepare for the VTNE and VTNE Videos

    North Carolina Association of Veterinary Technicians NCAVT


    NC DHHS - Department of Health and Human Services

    Divison of Public Health / Epidemiology [RABIES]

    Phone: (919) 733-3410

    After Hours Emergency: (919) 733-3419

    1. Occupational & Environmental Epidemiology
    2. Vaccination Requirements & Guidelines
    3. Diseases & Topics

    NC DHHS - Department of Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities & Substance Abuse Services

    State agency that registers and inspects facilities if two (2) or more veterinarians work out of the same cache of controlled drugs.

    Phone: (919) 733-1765

    1. Controlled Substances

    NC DHHS - Radiation Protection Section

    Phone: (919) 814-2250

    1. Guidelines for Written Safety Program
    2. Quick Links
    3. Steps to Install X-Ray Equipment / Register a Facility
    4. Registration Memorandum

    Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

    FAQ - Animal Importation / Exportation

    Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)

    Federal agency that registers veterinarians for controlled substances.

    Greensboro, NC - Phone: (336) 547-4219

    Atlanta, GA - Phone: (888) 869-9935 or (404) 893-7165

    1. Office of Diversion Control
    2. Questions and Answers
    3. Registration Applications (New & Renewal)   
    4. Theft/loss of controlled substances must be reported to DEA. Submit DEA Form 106 and follow all DEA regulations regarding this matter.
    5. If selling or transferring your practice, contact the Drug Control Unit for instructions on how to transfer the drugs.
    6. Disposing Controlled Substances / Expired Narcotics - Do not throw them away with your office trash!
      • #1 - DEA Drug Disposal
      • How do I dispose of expired/unwanted substances?
        By contacting a NC-DCU agent at 919-733-1765 or NCCSAREG@dhhs.nc.gov and submitting Form-41 to the DEA office, using a DEA registered controlled substances disposal form, or re-distributing to the original supplying/manufacturing company where the chemical was obtained.

    NC Division of Waste Management

    Phone: (919) 707-8200

    Sharps & Medical Waste Disposal Information

    US Department of Labor

    Washington, DC Phone: (800) 321-6742


    NC Department of Labor

    Phone: (919) 807-2796 or (800) 625-2267


    NC Board of Pharmacy

    Phone: (919) 246-1050

    1. NCBOP
    2. Compounding See Administrative Code 21 NCAC 46.1810

    US Food and Drug Administration

    Silver Springs, MD Phone: (888) 463-6332