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The purpose of application is to request a Letter of Certification (LOC) from the NC Veterinary Medical Board. When a LOC is requested from the NCVMB, it certifies to the Secretary of State (SOS) office that the owner(s) of all shares of stock in the professional corporation or member(s) in the Foreign Professional Limited Liability Corporation (FPLLC) or Foreign Professional Corporation (FPC) are in compliance with the requirements of Chapter 55B, "Professional Corporation Act", and certifies that the owner(s) and/or member(s) are licensed to practice veterinary medicine in North Carolina.

NOTE: the term corporation will be used when discussing the formation and regulation of Foreign Professional Corprations, as they must meet the requirements of Chapter 55B, "Professional Corporation Act".

Step 1: Begin filing with the NCVMB

  1. Complete and submit the Application for Foreign Professional Corporation for the NCVMB.
  2. Complete and submit a COPY of the Articles of Incorporation from the SOS website
    • Select either Professional LLCs or Professional Corporations, depending on the type of entity you are forming.
    • Then choose Articles of Organization for Foreign PLLC or Foreign PC
  3. Submit a check or money order made payable to the NCVMB for $160.00

When we receive all of the above documents, we will send a Letter of Certification to the address listed on the application.

Step 2: File with the Secretary of State (SOS) upon receipt of the 'NCVMB Letter of Certification'

  1. You will send your ORIGINAL Articles of Incorporation and ORIGINAL Letter of Certification to the SOS, along with their fee (please follow the instructions on the SOS paperwork for proper filing).
  2. The SOS will send you your certified articles back.

Step 3: Complete filing with the NCVMB

  1. Complete and submit the Part-II paperwork
  2. Submit a COPY of the certified articles from the SOS

We will issue you a certificate with a NCVMB corporation number. At the end of each calendar year you will need to renew with the Board office.

If you are also opening a Practice: Please follow instructions found on the new Practice Facility Paperwork.


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