Regulatory Bulletins

June 2017
Inside this issue: What is a Veterinary-Client-Patient Relationship? | Veterinary Technician vs. Employee/Assistant | DEA Requirements: Can I now legally store my controlled substances permanently in my vehicle's storage unit? | Veterinary Practitioners' Guide to DEA Recordkeeping | Veterinary Guide to Better Client Communication

March 2017
Inside this issue: Rules Regarding Veterinary Technicians & Veterinary Employees | DEA Requirements: Recordkeeping Requirements | Top Ten Most Frequent NC Radiology Violations | Veterinary Practitioners' Guide to DEA Security Requirements |Top 6 NCVMB Facility Violations in 2016 | Your Medical Records & Client Financial Constraints | Help for Impaired Veterinarians or Technicians




November 2016
Inside this issue: Veterinary Feed Directive | Has Your Name Changed? | New Deputy Director | CE Renewal/CE Audit | From the Complaint Archives | In Memoriam: Jonathan Loftis, RVT | Medical Records | Resource Guide

December 2015
Inside this issue: President's Column - 'We Are You...' | Special Points of Interest - Deputy Director Added to NCVMB Staff; Facility Inspector, Ben Turner, DVM Retires; New Facility Inspector Hired | Disposal of Expired Controlled Substances | NCVHP - Addiction in the Workplace | Registration of Corporations | Corporate Fees to Increase | Executive Committee Elections | Quick Resource Guide

December 2014
Inside this issue: President's Column | Legislative Issues | Communication | CE Audits | New Board Members | Highlights

December 2013
Inside this issue: President's Column | PAVE Becomes Law | Being a Mentor | CE Audits | Practice Facilities | Rabies Complaint - Consent Order

December 2012
Inside this issue: President's Column | New Board Members | Disposal of Expired Controlled Drugs | Legislative Issues | Investigations | Sales Tax | Privilege License Taxes | Poor Communication - A Continuing Problem | Frequently Asked Questions to the Board Office

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